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mother bison standing over baby bison in protective stance

Be One with the Buffalo

American history is rife with tales of the American Bison, nearly wiped out in the years after European settlers razed the land of the wild west. Now, though, buffalo are making a comeback, and its thanks to programs like the Buffalo Paddock in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, located just about twenty minutes from Hotel Triton.

This free-range environment began its work back in 1890, when two distinct—and very endangered—bison were transported to the park for recreational purposes. Sarah Bernhardt, the female, and Ben Harrison, the male, made Golden Gate Park their home and attracted tourists to the illustrious San Francisco. Soon, other bison found their way to the park, including three from Yellowstone National Park.

The herd has since overcome many trials together, such as bovine tuberculosis and nearly becoming extinct. In 1998, over a hundred bison calves had been born from the heard at Golden Gate Park, which helped the American Bison reach numbers of 200,000—a near miracle.

To find the Buffalo Paddock in the park, head towards the western side of park, and stop just short of North Lake. Before you go, look up bison behavior on the park’s website, so you can understand the amazing society you’re visiting. Watch these creatures interact with each other, groom, graze, and You might be lucky enough to see the bison run, when they can reach up to thirty miles per hour. If you’re having trouble finding them in the paddock, try looking out in the right side of the paddock, where many members of the heard prefer to hide behind a mound.

Overall, understand how bison operate. Don’t expect a grand show when visiting the bison, but know they is a treasure of our history. When you’ve adequately basked in this amazing opportunity to see firsthand what could have been forever destroyed, head back into our hotel for some relaxation.

Address: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

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